March 7 - 9

SPICY talks 2018

SPICY talks 2018

Self-service tech your business. Make the difference.

Whether you’re a commercial, packaging or label printer, a creative professional at an agency, or Head of Digital at (insert brand owner name), self-service your business with the technology you need to make the difference.

Create, connect and generate your type of assets. Beat the market shift - lift your offering to the next level.

Find out how at #SPICYtalks18.


Day 1: Free plenary sessions and networking dinner

Day 2 & 3: Business or tech? One size doesn’t fit all

- B-track business sessions cover best practices, market insights, vertical trends and future projections.
- N-track novice sessions helps new users to speed up quickly.
- T-track technical sessions workshops and/or practical training sessions.
Fast Forward Talks distill elaborate tech sessions into 15-minute idea and knowledge sharing exchanges.
Quick technical question? Head over to our 'Meet the experts area'

Day 1

13:30 - 14:30

Registration + welcome coffee

Registration and welcome coffee


14:30 - 15:00

Mind (y)our business - Hold the vision, trust the process

Kevin Goeminne - CHILI publish

How to become a resource to be reckoned with? The CHILI publish CEO navigates you through a defined outline of the current state of affairs and the subsequent growth path expedition to illustrate how leadership is defined by results, not attributes. By continuously raising our ecosystem's brand reputation and providing them with leading-edge, lights-out solutions, we're calling it game over for mediocrity.

Business Room

15:00 - 15:30

Augmented assets - Let’s stop talking about the future in the future tense

Piet Saegeman - CHILI publish

Augmented assets - connected to data sources - are ready to transform how brands engage with their end users, by creating smarter packaging, and transform their logistics flow. In the words of William Gibson: “The future is already here - It’s just not evenly distributed”. Come see what is possible today, and how you can use assets to connect to a customer base.

Business Room

15:30 - 16:00

Coffee break


16:00 - 16:30

Customizing Commercial Print? - The influencer's inside insight perspective

Pat McGrew - Infotrends

Business Room

16:30 - 17:00

Making money creatively - Long-term succes formula for integration

Jason Frueh - MyCreativeShop

Integrating CHILI publisher caused a full-blown jumpstart for the one-man business that was MyCreativeShop. As the business expanded, so did the cooperation. Jason Frueh elaborates on both the business and partnership trajectory that defined his success.

Business Room

17:00 - 17:15

How Axalta drastically reduced the label production cost at KAN design

Nico Potvin - KAN Design

During this talk you will learn how Axalta manages to drastically reduce their label generation cost by using Chili publisher in combination with smart algorithms built with Kadanza. From new product to production and 3D render in under 10 minutes and at a fraction of the cost. Always up to date, always available.

Business Room

17:15 - 18:00

Coffee break


18:00 - 18:15

The Many Faces of Online Variable Documents - Integrating leading composing engines.

Jonathan Stuart - Paragon

Business Room

18:15 - 18:30

Brand Management at scale - Empowering Enterprises with Dynamic Digital Outputs

Michelle Bengermino & Amer Mallah - Demand Bridge

The DemandBridge Enterprise product has grown and evolved from a simple eCommerce platform to a marketing technology solution. With brand management at its core, the system unites compliance, asset management, and approvals to deliver continuity across all forms of output. Starting with print, DemandBridge integrated Chili Publish to offer a premier user experience and deliver digital solutions from ads to flipbooks and more.

Business Room

18:30 - 19:00

Today's technology for tomorrow's solutions - Anticipating the market shift - new functionalities.

Ward De Langhe - CHILI publish

Clarification - Technological overhaul and market shifts go hand-in-hand at CHILI publish. Join this CTO overview of technical feature information alternated with visionary outlines. There is no reason to slow down on the road ahead.

Business Room

19:00 - 23:00

Evening Event

Enjoy good food and great networking!


Day 2

09:00 - 09:25

Welcome coffee


09:25 - 10:45

B | The EvoYOUtion of Print Business - Relationships are about to get real personal!

Deborah Corn - PrintMediaCentr

Today’s print customers require vendors who understand their unique omnichannel challenges, and can help them navigate to success. Print Buyerologist, Deborah Corn, will share results from surveys and meetings with print buyers from the largest agencies and brands of the world, and help you become the partner they need.

Business Room
N | The CHILI publisher basics - How to rev up your online editing engine

An introduction to the world of online document editing and how it has optimized marketing material creation accross a variety of businesses and countries worldwide. This session elaborates on all functionalities in CHILI publisher, how can they can be used and how they have been used.

Novice Room
T | Fast Forward Talks

1. The CHILI flux in the printing workflow - A visual step-by-step run-through of your typical print workflow

Implementing CHILI publisher does not impact your workflow any other way than by improving it. This session shows you how it starts with the personalization of the document, followed by the imposition of the PDF file, resulting in the PDF output and optimization of the hotfolders workflow. This will be illustrated in an Enfocus Switch environment with the CHILI API at its core.

2. Raising standards by setting them - From standardization to optimization

Impose standards in CHILI created templates is essential, especially when using them in an integrated solution. Methodological handling will improve the reusability of custom integrations for a multitude of documents and your workflow in general, as such. These standards may range from using consistent naming conventions up to standardizing the layer structures in your documents. We'll talk you through options and outcomes. 

3. The private data intelligence drive - The most underused feature is not to be underestimated

Private Data is the most underused feature in CHILI documents. And yet it is essential to add additional metadata to your documents, in order to create a scalable and fully integrated solution. Private data can facilitate automation, validation or integration with any system or user interface. Join this not so private session to further streamline your integrations with CHILI publisher.

Technical Room

10:45 - 11:15

Coffee break


11:15 - 12:30

B | Leading the Future of Digital Print: The Market Shift for Creative Designers

Marcus Timson - Co-Founder of InPrintShow

The market shift has heavily impacted creative designers as they look for new means to both tackle the market requests and build a commercially viable business for themselves. Marcus Timson explains the challenges, presents options and envisions the future.

Business Room
N | The Converter InDesign and Backoffice setup - Getting started with documents

A practical guide on how to convert InDesign(TM) documents to CHILI documents and how to use the back office to manage CHILI resources.

Novice Room
T | Fast Forward Talks

1. Blubird

More info soon

2. One document, flexible sizes - With right document, size setting doesn't matter

Setting the right and specific document requirements allows users to easily adapt the document to virtually any size ratio. A combination of CHILI features that facilitates life for users substantially, but is yet to be discovered by most. Time to find the hidden gem.

3. Peak performance promoters for your CHILI app - A good-better-best practices outline

A solution in evolution requires constant volution. Do you know how you can run your CHILI app at its peak performance? This session provides inside information on best practices in terms of PDF Creation, high volume documents, complex documents, and many others. Get the tricks of the trade by the solution expert.

Technical Room

12:30 - 13:30



13:30 - 14:30

B | The elevation of today's MarTech applications - Driving the multichannel repurposing engine

Theresa Regli - Influencer

Content remains the core of all marketing activities. In order for the content to thrive, a reliable engine is needed to drive the repurposing of the asset generation. DAM expert Theresa Regli took a look under the hood of the new CHILI functionalities and illustrates how these will elevate today's MarTech applications.

Business Room
N | Template variables 1 - The rookie session

A practical overview of elementary variables in CHILI documents and how to put them to best use.

Novice Room
T | The advertisement and catalogue snippet riddle - A trajectory of creating and using snippets the right way

Better creation of advertisements and catalogues without bugging developers on snippets? It can be done. This concept presentation delivers pointers and instructions on how to maximize one of CHILI publisher's most underused features. 

Technical Room

14:30 - 15:30

B | Can CHILI publish revolutionise packaging artwork? - Opening new routes to market for high-quality labels and packaging – mainstream, versioning and artisan brands.

Sean Smyth

Packaging supply chains are under pressure as brands want to get closer to end consumers while new routes to market are opening (i.e. low-cost retailers, e-commerce) and digital printing is grabbing share from analogue methods.  Price pressure continues, while speed to market becomes more important.  The variety of products is growing, meaning more SKUs and choice in the market as end consumer preferences change and these are shared across the connected world.

Business Room
N | Template variables 2 - The advanced session

An upgrade session for more experienced users ready to tackle the advanced variable functionalities.

Novice Room
T | Streamlining your VDP output - A tell-all, show-most VDP tour

Any VDP can be streamlined to maximum efficiency. This session will show you how to create a CHILI publisher document for a typical VDP job. Experience a faster output of a lighter document, just by defining content types and by reusing static elements.

Technical Room

15:30 - 16:00

Coffee break


16:00 - 17:00

B | How AI (Artificial intelligence) and CHILI publisher makes retailers marketing more successful

Thomas Eusterholz - DAM experts

Thomas is a member of „dam-experts“ - a group of experienced specialists who help various companies successfully implement digital transformation in marketing. Fascinated by the possibilities of image recognition, two years ago he began to combine marketing processes with the possibilities of Artifiial Inteligence. His current projects deals with topics such as: effective machine training, automatic population of PIM systems and layout of catalog pages through artificial intelligence processes. Initial results of his projects prove that Artificial Intelligence will transform marketing processes and create sustainable value. He gets lots of inspiration for his projects from his clients in the US.

Business Room
N | Variable and Event Actions - The expert session

A trained CHILI user can rejoice in exploring and creating dynamic documents with document and variable actions.

Novice Room
T | Advanced/extended/existing - a Workspaces practicum.

Adding advanced workspace features to the CHILI workspaces or extended out-of-the-box functionalities on top of the existing Workspaces can be daunting, but shouldn't be. Discover how in this presentation on needs, challenges and solutions.

Technical Room

17:00 - 18:00

B | Analyst Round Table Discussion

Business Room
N | Frame Types and configuration - The update session

CHILI publisher offers a wide range of frame types, such as barcode, text, shape, image, inline frames, table, … This session differentiates each feature with practical examples.

Novice Room
T | Mapping customer data into your CP data sources - Untangling tutorial on customer data vs. document variables

Different customers supply data in a different format and in different structures. It's up to you to unify this into a uniform and consistent mapping structure. So how do you get data maps from the customer file into your selected document? This workflow procedure session will unburden your mind. 

Technical Room

18:00 - 00:30

Evening Event

Enjoy good food, music and great networking!


Day 3

09:00 - 09:30

Coffee break


09:30 - 10:30

B | Partnerships: The Third Option - How strategic partnerships fuel growth in challenging markets

Piet Saegeman - CHILI publish

It does not make sense to go it alone any more. In today’s markets, capital is scarce, key talent is in short supply, and customers expect integrated solutions to their problems. These problems constantly evolve, and are often too complex for a single vendor to solve. Learn how CHILI publish is building a dynamic ecosystem of solid partnerships to fuel growth in challenging markets.

Business Room
N | Workspaces and View Preferences - The UX session

Integrating CHILI publisher allows you to personalize the UX. This session teaches you how to go about using workspaces and view preferences.

Novice Room
T | Fast Forward Talks

1. The most common mistakes in API Key Settings - And how to avoid and/or remedy them

The right key opens more doors. By integrating the CHILI API key settings the right way, users can optimize the general performance of CHILI publisher or even dynamically assign image folders to users. This session unveils tips and tricks on how to go about the right way, right from the start.

2. The importance of original doc ID storing for your order - Storing is caring

Maintaining a linked relationship between your master document and your user's document can avoid trouble down the line. Avoid having to cope with complex threads by getting it right from the start with one easy trick. The relevance will be clarified by means of user cases and practical illustrations. 

Technical Room

10:30 - 11:30

B | CHILI publish Round Table Discussion

Business Room
N | 3D Folding - The visualization session

The 3D folding capabilities of CHILI publisher are the convincing factor in the final stage of any design. A correct usage will increase approval chances, as this workshop will clearly illustrate.

Novice Room
T | Externalize to optimize - Outside storage of CHILI documents for inside freedom

CHILI publisher enables you to store CHILI documents outside of the CHILI back office. By externalizing data storage you free up bandwidth to add features like versioning, fine-grained security, high-volume and multi-region architecture, etc... Expand your CHILI options by externalizing data the smart way. 

Technical Room

11:10 - 11:30

Coffee break


11:30 - 12:20

B | 1-on-1's

Business Room
N | 3D Models - The designer session

Configuring 3D models the right way will enable you to apply customized documents to these models. Join the expert to find out how.

Novice Room
T | Set the CORS for external assets - A CORS headers instruction manual

CHILI publisher is CORS compliant. By CORS aligning your external assets into working in CHILI publisher, you can avoid a lot of sticky situations. This session will guide you through the most common issues and how to overcome them. 

Technical Room

12:20 - 13:20



13:20 - 14:10

B | 1-on-1's

Business Room
N | API Basics - The IT tech/geek session

The CHILI publisher comes as an open API. Join this open session to discover the different API types and how can they be used to create a streamlined app or print workflow.

Novice Room
T | The CHILI app security files - How to make your CHILI app hack-free

Just like any web-based solution, CHILI publisher takes security seriously. This workshop covers both simple and more advanced precautions you can take to properly secure your CHILI publisher app. Minimize the risks, optimize your security settings.

Technical Room

Michelle Bengermino


Michelle Bengermino has 18 years of history with DemandBridge and has led the product vision, development, support and delivery of our software products. She has contributed to the development of the DemandBridge Enterprise product from its earliest stages through roles in feature design, development, support, implementation, and training.

Deborah Corn

Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse at PrintMediaCentr

Deborah Corn is the Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse at PrintMediaCentr, a Print Buyerologist™, industry speaker and author, host of Podcasts from The Printerverse, cultivator of Print Production Professionals the #1 print group on LinkedIn, host of #PrintChat every Wednesday at 4PM ET on Twitter, and the founder of International Print Day. She is the recipient of several industry honors including the 2016 Girls Who Print Girlie Award, and sits on the board of the Advertising Production Club of NYC.
Deborah has 25+ years experience working in advertising as a Print Producer, and currently works behind the scenes with printers, suppliers and industry organizations helping them create meaningful relationships with customers and achieve success with their social media and content marketing endeavors.

Thomas D'hollander

CHILI publish - Solution architect

Thomas Eusterholz

DAM experts

Thomas is a member of "dam-experts" - a group of experienced specialists who help various companies successfully implement digital transformation in marketing. Fascinated by the possibilities of image recognition, two years ago he began to combine marketing processes with the possibilities of Artifiial Inteligence. His current projects deals with topics such as: effective machine training, automatic population of PIM systems and layout of catalog pages through artificial intelligence processes. Initial results of his projects prove that Artificial Intelligence will transform marketing processes and create sustainable value. He gets lots of inspiration for his projects from his clients in the US.

Jason Frueh

Founder MyCreativeShop

MyCreativeShop specialises in the creation of flyers and brochures and has thousands of visitors per day, serving customers from all over the world. Jason talks about the cooperation: "CHILI publish keeps tailoring CHILI publisher to the changing needs of their customers, in the most professional manner. They want to keep the fit perfect and that's how they remain an essential contributor to our success. Without CHILI publisher, we would not be the company we are today, to be honest."

Amer Mallah


With 17 years at DemandBridge, Amer Mallah has been a leader in engineering and long-term architectural guidance for the company's operations and client services. Amer is responsible for the technical design, construction, and performance for all of our DemandBridge software products and he leads our engineering team accordingly.

Pat McGrew

DAM, industry strategist

Pat McGrew is the Director and Evangelist for the Production Workflow Advisory Service at KeyPoint Intelligence / InfoTrends covering commercial, packaging and textile. As an analyst and industry educator, Pat works with InfoTrends customers and their clients to promote workflow effectiveness. She also has a background in transaction print, data-driven customer communication, and production printing with offset, inkjet and toner. Co-author of 8 industry books, editor of A Guide to the Electronic Document Body of Knowledge, and regular writer in the industry trade press, Pat won the 2014 #GirlsWhoPrint Girlie Award for dedication to education and communication in the industry, and the 2016 Brian Platte Lifetime Achievement Award from Xplor International. She is also co-host of the Is Print Dead? Podcast with Kevin Craine. Find Pat on Twitter as @PatMcGrew and on LinkedIn.

Sten Migerode

CHILI publish - Solution expert

Sten is an IT professional that has worked several years as an expert in ECM (Enterprise Content Management).
Over the years, Sten accumulated a lot of experience by working in different roles on several big projects for national and international companies and institutions including
the European Commission, BNP Paribas LUX, Jan De Nul, Ernst & Young, and many more.

With his experience in both functional analysis, IT architecture and application development, Sten has been able to successfully connect both business and technical stakeholders in the project, by speaking their language.

In his free time, Sten likes to spend his time and money on playing and listening music.

Sander Nijs

CHILI publish - Solution expert

Sander is a young and enthusiastic IT-professional who joined the chili-team last year.
He has experience in software development, BI and is a data enthusiast.

With the experience and knowledge he collected he is ready to help you finding your way in chili.
Having an economical background on top, he can easily understand the importance of both the technical and business aspect of how to handle chili in your workflow.

In his spare time Sander likes to travel, is fascinated by languages and wants to explore (food)culture and history.

Nico Potvin

Partner at Kandesign - Co-founder of Kadanza

KAN Design & Brand management has been around for 30 years, serving a wide variety of B2B companies and brands with brand management, development and marketing solutions. 7 years after implementing CHILI publisher, the company develops on average +25 000 documents per year with CHILI publisher via their Kadanza platform. 7 people out of 20 employees in total work with CHILI publisher full-time. Nico concludes: "Brands are all about innovation and consistency. A successful business is too. The integration of CHILI publisher really opened up new opportunities for us. And markets. Our team has grown, we opened up an office in New York, a partnership in Zurich and keep on developed new solutions to help our customers with their brand management. It truly is a great solution with amazing features. We love working with a team that understands our forward-looking vision and offers the future-proof service to match.”

Iurie Protascic

CHILI publish - Product Specialist

You might have heard abut him by different names: Lurie, Ivry and even Fury.
But only people who know him or want to attract his attention call him Iurie. :)

Iurie is a Graphics Arts Industry professional that has studied and worked in all stages of print production, starting from document layout ending with color management and every stage in between.

He has integrated and managed multiple web to print projects, for national and international customer with different needs and workflows. Where his IT skills merged with his background to provide best possible solution in regards to both graphical and IT technical worlds.

This knowledge and experience gives him a wide perspective when it comes to finding the best strategy and project plan for a specific integration and also helps him identify the issues or potential roadblocks along the way.

Theresa Regli

DAM, industry strategist

Theresa Regli is a 25-year veteran of the information technology industry, with a particular focus on Digital Asset Management (DAM) for the last decade. She advises C-level executives and DAM project leads on digital strategy, data design, and product selection, and subsequently supports the sustainment of digital stewardship and best practices. As founder of her own firm, Vox Veritas Digital, she works with several UK government institutions and focuses much of her work on cultural heritage, including The Museum of London and The Art Fund, the UK's largest art charity. By contrast, she has led and developed DAM strategy for over 20% of the Fortune 500, including Unilever, Coca-Cola, General Mills, Shell, and Nestlé. She advises numerous numerous media, entertainment, and manufacturing companies as Principal Consultant with KlarisIP, and is also a Partner with Jericho Chambers, a London-based think tank and community of experts working together to deliver new programmes of communications, leadership, and trust.
Over the course of her career Theresa has authored over 1000 pages of in-depth research on the DAM industry, vendors, and tools, and she is the author of the definitive book on managing media and digital marketing assets, Digital & Marketing Asset Management: The Real Story of DAM Technology and Practice. She has presented keynotes in 18 countries over the last ten years, and is frequently a guest lecturer in the digital media Master's program at Kings College, London.
Theresa is a graduate of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth's Executive MBA Program, and holds degrees in linguistics, journalism, and French language from Boston College in the USA, L'Université Stendhal in France, and Richmond College in the United Kingdom.
This site will help you get to know Theresa: watch some of her conference talks, and hear about her work as a clear voice of truth in the complex and often confusing world of digital technology.

Sean Smyth

Smithers Pira

Sean Smyth acts as a consultant in print and packaging, either independently of on behalf of Smithers Pira, and as a journalist. He is technically very strong, he helps companies make money through the appropriate implementation of technology.

He has spent over 30 years in the industry in senior technology positions for a variety of print businesses across the supply chain, in hands on and consultancy roles. He joined the industry as an ink chemist before moving into a series of senior technical and managerial roles. As Technical Director at Rexam Printing he was deeply involved in digital print, with the first Indigo presses in the UK amongst others. He has owned and managed printing and packaging businesses in the UK, and been involved in many investment decisions over the years.

Today he acts as consultant and analyst, he has written many market studies for Smithers Pira on future print markets and technologies. He regularly speaks and acts as Chair at conferences on printing technology, including Smithers Pira Digital Print for Packaging in the USA and Europe. He edited the Digital Labels & Packaging magazine from Whitmar Publications, for whom he acts as Group Technical Editor.

Beside his Ph.D. Sean also holds an MBA and is used to providing strategic advice for players across the print, packaging and publishing supply chains. He has acted as a non-exec Technology Director for print and packaging companies, and apologises for not keeping his website and social media profiles up to date – he spends his time on projects and keeping abreast of technology developments.

Jonathan Stuart

Paragon Group

Jonathan Stuart - Group CTO, Paragon Group
Paragon Group is an international organisation present in 12 countries with a global sales reach, €600+ million turnover and close to 5,000 employees. It is organised in three divisions: Customer Communications, Paragon ID, and Graphics Solutions.
Jonathan is responsible for group IT strategy and systems policy, for the development of central group applications and for supporting the deployment of technology-based services by the operating companies.
He joined the Paragon Group in 2000, taking having previously held positions as Managing Director of Hardy Holdings and Finance Director of Hunterprint Group plc. Prior to that he spent 9 years in investment banking and venture capital in London and the US, and 7 years in high technology R&D in Cambridge.

He holds a First Class masters degree in Engineering and Electrical Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

Marcus Timson

Co-Founder InPrint Show and Pure Digital Show

Leatherhead, Surrey, United Kingdom
I left the University of Portsmouth, UK, with a degree in Politics back in 1992. I had a great time. Leaving without a clue what to do next and during a downturn, I was fortunate enough to literally fall into working at a publishing company. Here, I learned about selling, marketing, writing, and aspects of thought leadership which remain with me still.
At Reed Business Information around 1996, I met my Co-Founder Frazer Chesterman and then jumped head first into the live event and exhibition industry where I have enjoyed being ever since. In that time I have launched number of successful new shows, and have had the privilege of working with a number of talented people.

At Brintex, Touchstone and Exposure I worked on a number of new shows and launched a number of events before I joined FESPA in 2006 and the digital wide format printing market. Along with Frazer we grew the business into what it is today, launching new shows including FESPA Digital and FESPA Asia in Bangkok in 2008.

Since 2011, along with Frazer Chesterman & Stephen Brooks, we established FM Brooks, which is part of the Mack Brooks Exhibitions Group. Our focus has been to launch new shows for industrial printing for the manufacturing sector and for the creative industry.

Now we run the InPrint Show is the world's only event focused upon industrial printing and takes place in Germany, Italy and the US and we will continue to grow this community throughout the world whilst launching new shows into new markets and connecting the previously unconnected.
As well as the show itself we run and write the InPrint Blog which is a really popular blog with over 9,000 subscribers.
In April 2017, we launched Pure Digital which is the Digital Print Event for the Creative Industry, and takes place at the RAI, Amsterdam 17-19 April 2018.
In order for any new event, or business to become successful, a deep understanding of the market is essential. Not just to enhance one's reputation or credibility but to provide the market place with direction, support and value. I am fascinated by leadership and innovation and have a love of presenting and writing. These twin abilities enable me to have a positive influence on people's lives and add value to their business.


De Nieuwe Liefde

De Nieuwe Liefde (The New Love)
Da Costakade 102
1053 WP Amsterdam - Netherlands


Where to stay?

Looking for a place to stay? There’s a wide variety of hotels of any price range within a 5km perimeter of the #SPICYtalks18 venue.
Here are some suggestions: (prices are indicative and may change over the next weeks. The sooner you book, the better the price.)

Hotel de Hallen
Bellamyplein 47, 1053 AT Amsterdam - Netherlands
Single room: 150€

Concious Hotel - The Tire Station
Amstelveenseweg 5, 1054 MB Amsterdam - Netherlands
Single room: 120€

No. 377 House
Nassaukade 377, 1054 AC Amsterdam - Netherlands
Single room: 120€

Chasse Hotel
Chasséstraat 64, 1057 JJ Amsterdam - Netherlands
Single room: 150€

Grand Hotel Downtown
Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 10a, 1054 BR Amsterdam - Netherlands
Single room: 105€


How to travel?

Amsterdam traffic can be a nightmare. That’s why we selected a venue that is easily accessible by the highly efficient and extended public transport.
The nearest tram stops are Bilderdijkstraat or De Clercqstraat

We recommend:
Central Station (14 min.) - Tram 13
- take the tram 13 towards Geuzenveld
- exit at the stop De Clercqstraat or Bilderdijkstraat
- 2 min. walk

Central Station (14 min.) - Tram 17
- take the tram 13 towards Osdorp Dijkgraafplein
- exit at the stop De Clercqstraat
- 2 min. walk

Amstel Station (26 min.) - Tram 12
- take the tram 12 towards Station Sloterdijk
- exit at the stop Klinkerstraat
- 4 min. walk

Muiderpoort Station (36 min.) - Tram 7
- take the tram 7 towards Slotermeer
- exit at the stop Bilderdijkstraat
- 2 min. walk

Sloterdijk Station (18 min.) - Tram 12
- take the tram 12 towards Amstel Station
- exit at Bilderdijkstraat
- 2 min. walk

Airport Amsterdam Schiphol - (35 min.)
- take the train (NS) to Amsterdam Central Station
- exit at Central Station
- take the tram 13 or 17 (see above)

Car is easier for jou?
- Take exit S105 coming from the A10. Follow Jan van Galenstraat towards the center, turn right at Willem de Zwijgerlaan, turn left at De Clercqstraat and take a final right turn at Da Costakade. You can park your car in one of the underground parking lots. Closeby, you have De Hallen at the Bellamyplein and Europarking (Marnixstraat).


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